Our technical team has

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Extensive experience in object detection, tracking, classification and recognition with a real-time focus
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Expert skills in Android/iOS application programming
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In-depth knowledge of the concepts of object classification and detection

We take pride in development of the following

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Innovative video analysis software for IP cameras, video servers and PC-based platforms
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Cutting-edge video analysis applications
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Computer vision applications in Java
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Complex software for automatic face recognition and detection within real-time video stream

Neural Net Computing

We have outstanding technologists on our team who are driven, energetic and passionate about Machine Learning, Computer Vision and, more generally, we are very interested in Artificial Intelligence.

We have worked on unsupervised learning algorithms using probabilistic graphical models and can apply these models to a variety of applications, such as visual object recognition, speech recognition and text document retrieval.

Having in-depth knowledge of neural network architecture, we can use it for image processing, character recognition and pattern recognition. We understand neural networks well, and use them to build face detection systems where we apply neural network algorithms and use them for human action and emotion recognition. Our technical experts managed to achieve high accuracy in recognition of objects and human poses from multiple-views, based on similar feature patterns. We can also implement neural networks-based text detection systems for handwritten digits and signatures recognition

Neural Net Computing

What Services Do We Provide

We provide full services in real-time image processing like object detection, facial recognition, OCR, and automated video content analysis, based on own methods.

Security and Surveillance

Along with expertise in computer vision, we utilize face recognition and image processing technologies to deliver top-notch security surveillance solutions. Detecting changes, tracking and segmenting moving objects, identifying and classifying activities, objects and behaviors help you significantly enhance the overall level of safety and security.

  • Face recognition
  • Object tracking and counting
  • Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR)
  • Thief detection
  • Vehicle detection and recognition

Government and Manufacturing

Boosting computer vision technology implementation due to the active interaction between the industry and academic researches can be positively channeled for the benefit of the universe. We provide solutions for energy, defense, infrastructure, education, and other public sectors to resolve issues in the image and video analysis organizations face.

  • Image fraud detection
  • 3D positioning, environment undestanding
  • Industrial vision systems
  • Active and real time vision
  • Object tracking and counting
  • Hardware recommendations for image processing

Healthcare and Medicine

We provide computer vision and medical software solutions to drive transformation in the healthcare sector. Integrating machine learning methods, we significantly change the whole landscape of prognostic and diagnostic services. We have extensive expertise in imaging analytics that enables us to help clinicians turn complex medical data into actionable knowledge and decision.

  • Biometrics
  • Medical image analysis
  • Computer vision for sensory substitution
  • Statistical data processing & modeling
  • Real time laser control for eye surgery

Real Estate

The adoption of robust computer vision and image analysis technologies is no longer an option in the real estate sector. Fast-paced technological changes allow looking at business in a holistic way. Applying 3D reconstruction, image and video processing methods, as proven mechanisms, can effectively shift the real estate experience and speed up the process of making faster decisions through meaningful data analysis.

  • Apartment search
  • Personalized content recommendations
  • 3D reconstruction from multiple photos
  • Processing image-distance data from depth cameras
  • Automated recognition and measurement of 3D objects

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