Pro Vision Lab as an Expert in Computer Vision Industry

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Can one small sentence explain almost everything about computer vision? Definitely not! So, let’s take a bit deeper look at this new modern computer science field. Does it have any future? Is it really worth talking about?

Many specialists and scientists agree that Computer Vision is a mix of science and technology resulting in creating hardware and software which can detect/track/classify objects. It could have many different application areas aka robotics, medicine, security, transportation etc. For example, in medicine CV tools help detect and classify cells, in security – surveillance and detecting of suspicious behaviors or activities, in transportation – driver vigilance monitoring etc – and these are just a few examples of where CV could be used. So as we see, it is very promising and rapidly developing industry.

What do we do and which tools do we use?

We realize CV algorithms for facial and image processing, analyzing and recognition; gesture and action recognition. The basic algorithm of our work looks as following: the world around us is captured by camera (or other video processing device), it is sent to a digital image processing system that makes analysis which gives us an output as a processed image.

Recently, we have been concentrated on developing face and objects recognition solutions in numerous different scenarios, including recognition at a distance and in complicated situations. We have also been involved in projects on car number plate recognition, real-time objects capture and tracking in a crowded place, persons and vehicle counting, etc.

We mostly work with Matlab, Java, C++, Python.

Modern highly technological firms (especially start-ups) find it difficult to find IT staff with proper skill-set, knowledge base and experience. They often require assistance with the code and some other technical challenges. This is where Pro Vision Lab could help! Our Computer Vision experts would be happy to be involved in your most difficult projects. We will handle all the issues at our best thus will make your project impeccable!