How to increase e-commerce revenue with computer vision

Wednesday, November 21, 2018


With today’s advanced technologies, many consumers have started to prefer shopping online to brick-and-mortar offline stores. Now consumers can find an item they like online and make a decision to buy it. AI-driven computer vision technology is transforming the way people are shopping online and will likely reshape their habits of purchasing. From product discovery to placing an order, computer vision solutions have become a significant element in e-commerce business moving customers through their purchasing journey that help them to boost revenue and flourish businesses. Below, we have outlined how computer vision can make the customer journey more seamless and tend to make purchases.

Discover products better.

AI-powered computer vision has found its way in the earliest stages of the customer buying process. Now consumers can spot an item on the street, scan it into their devices - smartphone or laptop - and be directed to the e-commerce webpage where this item is presented. For example, Pinterest Lens feature was released to help users identify, buy or create things they see online or in the physical world. Users can take some photos of the dress or suit they like and the app will find them pins with links where they can buy these items online.

Identify your audience’s needs

With computer vision’s flexibility, e-commerce can provide solutions that not only attract their key audience but keep them satisfied and engaged. AI-based computer vision helps the e-commerce business to identify and close the gaps in their stock list when consumers do not find items that they want to buy. Due to this information businesses determine what items are missing from their catalog and have great opportunity to add them. As a result, the next customer can find a wide spectrum of items available for making a purchase.

Reach customers at the right time

With AI-powered computer vision, businesses can now realize an objective of paid advertising campaigns: having their products reach the right customers at just the right time. As an example, a user viewing a picture of a home’s exterior might see a banner ad of smart video surveillance systems. If the user clicked through, he/she would then see a wide spectrum of smart security components. That means they might potentially buy other items, like motion sensors and panic buttons.

Wrapping up

We are in an era where businesses are incorporating modern technologies and creating customer-centric experiences. With AI-driven computer vision solutions, businesses can build some of the most personal connections between consumers and e-commerce that makes it possible for customers to move quickly and efficiently from one stage of the buying process to the next. We, at ProVison Lab, have a solid experience in delivering a wide range of digital solution for different business verticals. Let us know and we will turn your idea into a real software solution.