How computer vision reinvents the automation

Saturday, July 7, 2018

AI-based computer vision software is highly deployed in a wide array of manufacturing and customer-related applications. But wherever it is applied, it typically brings about efficiency and innovation crossing the line on what’s possible in automation sector.

AI-powered machine vision systems or software optimize the manufacturing process within the automotive business vertical, where any errors in a highly competitive industry can be wasteful. There are tremendous advantages to utilize the computer vision algorithms and applications powered with AI in the automotive industry. Let’s take a look at how computer vision is beneficial for you:

  • High-quality level.

  • Improved performance.

  • Flexibility of production.

  • More complete and credible information.

  • Tight industrial inspection.

  • Lower capital equipment and production costs.

  • Reduced floorage.

  • Decreased percent of defective goods.

The application field of computer vision

Let’s delve into the application field of the AI-based computer vision technology in the automotive sector below:

  • Vision-guided machine software. Giving robots computer vision makes them more flexible to perform the repeating tasks increasing efficiency.

  • Inspection applications. Computer vision systems perform part inspections around the clock in a fast and accurate manner that improves efficiency and product quality.

  • 3D vision. AI-based computer vision cameras usage enables moving, tracking, and exactly localizing the objects that are moving in the three-dimensional space.

  • Autonomous car. With the right algorithms, a well-powered processor, handful image sensors mounted on a car, vehicles, pedestrians, and other objects can be easily detected. But traffic lights, lane markings, road signs, and road surface conditions can be also read.

  • Safer human-robots interaction. AI-powered computer vision software identifies exactly where the person is, his/her direction. This ability to react to human trajectories ensures that interactions are more fluid, flexible and secure.

We, at Provision Lab, have a vast experience in delivering a wide array of computer vision algorithms and applications for a broad spectrum of industries. We can provide successful, efficient computer vision solutions for your business or integrate them into existing one. Let us know and we can discuss how computer vision digital solutions could help to grow and flourish your business.