How Computer Vision Shifts the Marketing

Sunday, July 8, 2018

How Computer Vision Shifts the Marketing




Computer vision technology is changing the way we live, make a purchase and communicate. It revolutionizes the way we interact with the environment. In a few years, we can expect the mouse and keyboard to become obsolete and replaced by voice command and cameras.

What about showing the search engine the pair of shoes or the dress we want to buy instead of trying to describe it with the right words. Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? This may not happen tomorrow, but soon enough. Let’s delve into the top 5 ways how computer vision technology will change marketing.


Well-performed image search


AI-powered computer vision technology allows users to search by uploading an image. Sensitive algorithms remove the necessity to manually tag products with dozens of descriptive attributes. This new approach will clear the hurdles, making shopping more accessible. If implemented, e-commerce will no longer need detailed pages for each language


Serve relevant graphical content


What is Instagram doing with your home feed? You see the images relevant to your interests, previous searches and followed accounts. Soon, it is expected the same behavior, just triggered by the user’s image search through the uploaded content. As an example, if you are searching for a particular type of tablet, the computer vision algorithms will generate images related to your initial query.


Discover trends


Marketers can discover the most well-received colors or designs by feeding the image search data into ML-based algorithms. These algorithms can also show the products that are searched for together and purchased together. They really simplify some issues, don’t they?


Perform sentiment analysis onsite


Future AI-powered algorithms will scan our faces while we’re shopping or watching e-commerce. Sentiment analysis is currently a sub-domain of text analysis, but it will become an image analysis sub-domain very soon. If you could simply show a clip and then collect users’ reactions, this would replace the boring surveys with real data that is unfiltered and unbiased.



Create dynamic advertising opportunities


There are two variants of dynamic advertising - online and offline. Online concept depends on the previous searches, not only can the person receive a customized ad version, but this can go in fine details such as using their favorite colors or depicting characters to which the user can relate. Offline idea translates into measuring engagement with outdoor advertising by tracking the reaction of people. Specially installed computer vision cameras in the ad panels could reveal if bypasser were impressed, moved or bored.

Also, computer vision could look at the visitors from a store, extract some characteristics, like the colors or styles they are wearing and run real-time advertising on the in-store screens to match the current visitors’ interests. This idea could even be taken a step further through AR and smart mirrors.


Final words

We, at Provision Lab, has a great technical background and a significant presence in the industry of the computer vision technology. We can deliver new AI-based computer vision digital solutions. Getting a boost from the computer vision technology helps to provide increased ad customization and an increase in real-time marketing, analytics and data survey tools will also get a boost from the new technology.