We've been focused, in particular, on real-time image processing

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Object detection

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Face recognition

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Automated video content analysis

We help companies that are looking for the best technical solutions in recognition technologies

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Innovative video analysis software for IP cameras, video servers and PC-based platforms
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Cutting-edge video analysis applications
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Computer vision applications in Java
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Complex software for automatic face recognition and detection within real-time video stream

We understand neural networks well

and use them to build face detection systems where we apply neural network algorithms and use them for human action and emotion recognition.

Our tech team consists of computer vision algorithm engineers, researchers and developers with a strong background in image processing, feature extraction and feature matching. So, if you are looking for reliable development partners - we would be happy to help you!

Neural networks

Our Mission

We intend to uncover the full potential of the cross-platform open-source library, OpenCV and relish the challenge of improving the accuracy of object detection and facial recognition performance.

We are striving to become one of the leaders in automated visual security apps and deep learning facial recognition!

We see the immense potential of OpenCV open source library for computer vision applications and we believe that the power exerted by object recognition technology has the ability to transform society fundamentally.

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