Who we are

Who we are?

We are a team of computer vision experts and we've been focused in particular on real-time image processing: object detection, facial recognition and automated video content analysis. Our tech team consists of computer vision algorithm engineers, researchers and developers with strong background in image processing, feature extraction, feature matching .

What we do?

We implement computer vision algorithms for facial processing, analysis, and recognition, also gesture and human action recognition. We have mostly been focused on building face recognition solutions in various difficult scenarios, such as recognition at distance and in complex backgrounds. We have also been working on projects involving plate recognition, real-time object detection and tracking, people and vehicle counting.

Why us?

Most innovative fast growing technology companies struggle with finding engineering talent that would have the right level of knowledge and skills. Our expertise in this area might be extremely useful if you come across some technical challenges or any problems with the code. If you are currently working on similar project and if you happen to be stuck on the detection / recognition part, we’ll be happy to help!

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Our Mission:

We intend to uncover the full potential of cross-platform open-source library, OpenCV and relish a challenge of improving the accuracy of object detection and face recognition performance.

We are striving to become one of the leaders in automated visual security apps and deep learning face recognition!

Because we see the immense potential of OpenCV open source library for computer vision applications and we believe that the power exerted by object recognition technology has the ability to fundamentally transform society.